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Basic Information about QHHT

QHHT was founded by Dolores Canon who taught the technique to many people all over the world. Here is basic vital information that you should know about QHHT.

The practitioner will warn you to take precautions before the beginning of the QHHT session; therefore, it is safe. The practitioner prioritize your compatibility and ensures that you are aware of everything that is going on in your surroundings before, during and after the treatment.

There are online sessions for those who are not comfortable meeting the practitioner physically. Online QHHT sessions are flexible convenient because you can engage yourself in them anytime from anywhere for an average of 3 hours.

QHHT offers holistic treatment that doesn't involve medication or injections. You and the practitioner introduce yourselves at the beginning of the session. At the introductory the practitioner will find out why you need QHTT. You will need to dedicate 2 hours at the minimum for the second part of the therapy. You will get subconscious in this patent traveling to your past, future, parallel and ancestral lives. The patient goes into the third phase which is a native Hawaiian practice of forgiveness called ho’oponopono. You will have the power to select their lives to hear messages from even in your subconscious state in the third session of the therapy session. You will let go of the toxicity that is in your heart in this third phase of the treatment sessions which marks the beginning of the healing process. You will be unconscious but aware of the things that are going on in your surroundings which will make it feel like a dream at the end of the session with the feeling of complete healing.

QHHT treatment has various advantages QHHT treatment boosts your self-esteem and brings you more positive thoughts. Your wounds will heal without forming scars. The treatment helps your heart to heal without surgery. Skin conditions and HIV has also been eliminated. This treatment has relieved more health conditions like kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, severe body pains, eyesight diseases, and so on. You are not guaranteed of healing; therefore, you should not have high expectations of the treatment, but some people have healed through the treatment. See page to know further.

Online QHHT academy offers online courses for those who are interested in becoming QHHT professional. You learn the basics in Level 1 courses where you also have practice sessions and questions. You have 25 practice sessions to reinforce your understanding and skills. Your feedback is evaluated from what you have learned throughout the learning process in level 3.

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